Sunday, July 31, 2005

This is a nice and marvellous idea!!!

Compared to Usenet (Newsgroup ), IRC chat , Bulletin Board , Mailing List Forum .....Blogging is very spontaneous...!!!

I will definitely enjoy communicating to whole of the world!!!!!

Let us start communicating in cyber-space!

Propagating mailto:

and getting reverbrating .....echos!!

Freedom of expressions ....and One step towords Unification of knowledge.

Interfacing real-2-virtual and viceversa!
thanx all netizens and real world friends!!
shivaji from Pune


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Blogger Unknown said...

I was given these books by my father. They are splendid. I am a n Arcturian starseed. We do healing of many modalities. Being 5D is so great, and Multidimensional is super. I love the Now. I have been on Gaia many times, plus other stars as well. I am 4'11' and everyone else I see is 6 feet and MORE!! yOU ALL COULD VISIT the others of interest. They are neat! I love this blogging!
Penny Wolfe.

10:29 AM  

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